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Monday, May 13, 2013

Domino, Scrabble and Other Game Piece Pendants

 Pendants Made with Game Pieces
Domino's, Scrabble Tiles, and Rummy Cubes

I am in the process stage of finishing these pendants..  I will give you 
my steps up to this point...
Note I have added two finished pendants of a cat and a lady silhouette cameo.

Game pieces (Domino's, Scrabble's, Rummy)
Ink print photos, art etc (I received these pictures in this post from a friend)
E6000 glue
Mod Podge
Dimensional Magic Mod Podge
Beads (round for bails)
Eye Screws
Dremel Drill with a 1/16" drill bit


I take my drill and drill the holes where necessary for hanging future beads or
holes in the top of the game piece for the eye screw.
Take your picture the size of the game piece and mod podge it on, making sure
the ink print is secure.. Let this dry completely.
You can put on your bails with the E600 glue.. 
Now you can use the Dimensional Magic...start around the edge of the piece and move to
the center until completely covered.. If you see bubbles, take a needle and move the bubbles to the edge until they disappear.. Let the pieces dry overnight...
When they are completely dry you can add your string or chain..
Hemp string works great for small holes.. You can also take jump rings and
add additional charms or beads on the end..  
I used a brown ink pad and darkened around the edges of the print.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beeswax Napkin Cards

I took a class on Beeswax Napkin craft and started experimenting with different
techniques with the beeswax.. below is some of the wax cards.. hope you enjoy..

How to Instruction:

Items needed:
Small Craft Iron (purchased from Michaels)
If you can find one from a thrift store or yard
sale..make sure it is one that does not have steam
or holes in the plate.
Beeswax Natural or White (Michaels)
Napkins (Tuesday Morning)
Foam mounting squares/rounds (Michaels)
Stardust Clear Glittering Gel Ink (JoAnn Fabric)
or any Glitter Gel
White or Natural Card Stock (craft stores)
Paper Trimmer (Michaels)
Glue (Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive)

Take an 8-1/2" x 11" card stock and cut in half to make two cards.
You will have two that measure 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" then fold in half and score
the card stock.  The fold will measure 4-1/4" x 5-1/2".
Measure and cut a color coordinated piece of card stock
5-1/4" x 4" and then another color 3-3/4" x 5"  ...

You are now ready to proceed with the Beeswax Napkin creation...
Use natural or white card stock. Break up the beeswax until you have
a chunk of wax in your hands.. you will take a piece of the wax across
the hot craft iron..hold it up as the wax will start dripping. Take the hot
melted wax on the iron and swipe across the card stock.. turning the
card stock as you swipe the wax.. make sure the card stock is completely
covered.. Do not build up the wax.. just give the card a wax coating.
The next step is to take a napkin and pull the plys off the back of the
napkin design. It is important that you take all the plys off..some napkins
have 3 ply or 2 ply.. get it to the one ply.. which is the picture.
Now lay the napkin picture on the waxed card stock and again process
with melting the wax against the plate of the iron and when it starts the iron on the napkin and swipe from center out and
turn around as you repeat the process.
The wax will dry quickly.. Now trim the picture until it fits neatly on
the last piece of card stock that you cut above.. (3-3/4" x 5")..
There will be accent pieces on napkins that you can create a 3D effect.
(see cards above when the bird is a duplicate).. Take the piece and wax
as you did the main napkin and cut it out to go over the accent on the
main napkin.. this is the 3D effect.. you will raise the accent up with the
foam mounting squares/rounds.  After you have constructed the card
(using the glue).. you are now ready to finish off the card with glitter,
beading, rhinestones or puffy pearl accent.

You are now ready to create that special card for your family member/love one.
Add the sentiment inside or any additional trim that you would like..

Have fun crafting...when hours have passed you will realize that you have
relaxed for hours.
From me to you.. many happy hours.. 

Additional Beeswax Napkin Cards...